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This is a wiki dedicated to the comedy podcast Doug Loves Movies, hosted by Doug Benson.

SPOILER ALERT: This wiki contains spoilers for all episodes up to and including the most recent.


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Jason and Deb's IMDb Game Leaderboard
Overall Leaderboard
TOC Qualifiers
Last Man Stanton Leaderboard


ABC Deez Nuts
The Bane Game
Cable Billing
The Cast and the Furious
Chapter 11
Characters Welcome
Doing Lines With Mark
Doug Loves Musicals
Fake Co-Stars
How High Can You Get?
How Much Did This Shit Make?
Jason and Deb's IMDb Game
Last Man Stanton
Live, Die, Repeat
The Leonard Maltin Game
Lincoln or Bane
Mojo Rising
Now Buscemi, Now You Don't
Now Tucci Me, Now You Don't
One More Word
The Pete Holmes Game
Purple Rain Man
Reverse Maltin
Reverse Maltin With a Twist
Trejo or Tre-No
Which Film Is Kosher?
Whose Tag Line Is It Anyway?

Other FeaturesEdit

The Corrections Department
Eight Words or Less Movie Reviews
Fuck, Marry, Kill
Not for Emetophobes
Tell the Truth!
Tweet Relief
Watch This, Not That
What Have You Seen Lately?
What's in the Prize Bag?

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