Live from The Improv in Pittsburgh, PA, Doug welcomes comedians Graham Elwood and Aaron Kleiber and DLM fan Vince Faust to the show.

How Much Did This Shit Make?Edit

Movie: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Aaron Kleiber guesses $4 million.

Vince Faust guesses $4.2 million.

Graham Elwood guesses $4,200,001.

The correct answer is $8.2 million.

Graham Elwood is declared the winner.

The Leonard Maltin GameEdit

Round Category Player Names Challenger Answer Point to
1 Joe Mama Graham Elwood -1 Vince Faust Joe vs. the Volcano Vince Faust
2 Hook Graham Elwood 4 Aaron Kleiber A River Runs Through It Aaron Kleiber
3 You Have My Permission to Diet Graham Elwood 5 Vince Faust The Machinist Vince Faust
Player Points Movies Named
Vince Faust 2 0
Aaron Kleiber 1 0
Graham Elwood 0 0